Here at East Bay Gifts, our Candle Fundraisers are great for individuals or organizations. 

It's a great way to earn money to help off set costs for anything from team shirts to travel expenses; your child's Sixth Grade Camping trip or your upcoming honeymoon!  We're open to help with any of your fundraising needs!

  • We offer our beautiful 9 oz. Classic Tumblers, which are handcrafted and poured with 100% all-natural soy wax. 
  • Your organization will have 12 of our most popular scents to offer.
  • Price per candle is $20.00
What your organization receives:
  • You will receive $8 per candle sold
  • Bags & tissue paper will be provided for each candle sold.
    How it works:

    We offer two ways your organization can fundraise:
    • On-Line Fundraising
    • Traditional Packet Style Fundraising

    For this method of Fundraising, we would create a link within our Website, which would direct your customers to a collection of 12 fundraiser candles. 
    This would be a dedicated link in which you would share with your friends and family via social media, email or printed material.
    *Please note - while this method would allow your organization to reach people throughout the United States which would make for a higher amount of sales, these on-line orders will be shipped directly to the customer which does incur a small flat rate shipping charge.

    Traditional Packet Style:
    For this method of Fundraising, we will provide a packet for each participant. Each packet will consist of an order form with a complete description of the Candles as well as payment information.

    Your organization will submit the total order via email to: in Tally Form. (ie: 12 Apple Maple Bourbon, 12 Banana Bread etc.)

    Your organization will collect all funds and submit via check, cash or Venmo upon pick up at the rate of $12 per candle sold.

    Contact East Bay Candles & Gifts via email at: to set up an appointment to meet and discuss the specifics.